Accelerating access to Asian markets through integrated development

Services Overview

Ascent enhances the value of out-licensing deals in Asia, particularly Japan and China, by helping companies establish pathways that make optimal integration of Asia into global drug development possible. The process for enabling the integration of Asia (depicted in the timeline above) creates an inflection in value with each step accomplished in preparing and implementing a development and commercialization strategy. Ascent provides services which allow emerging biopharma to retain this value inflection for themselves rather than needlessly sacrifice it to regional partners. Ascent has a keen understanding of the financial and managerial constraints on emerging biopharma and we understand that the optimal timing for partnering in Asia differs from company to company. Therefore, we can provide either targeted, short-term consulting in support of rapid out-licensing deals, or offer comprehensive, long-term regulatory and clinical development services in support of larger scale strategic/commercial goals in the region.